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Exploring Social Media Impact

Sep 1, 2019

Chris and I talk about his late-blooming social media influence and how it has helped him to create influence on both the Facebook and LinkedIn platforms. 

Chris is a value-based entrepreneur that coaches others to share compelling messages and content that adds value no matter where they are contributing. 

You can find...

Sep 1, 2019

Jake and I had a powerful conversation about the digital revolution and its impact on content distribution. He talks about his own struggles to overcome obstacles in his life and how he found his courage.

Jake has built a powerful micro-community. He now teaches others how to build micro-communities that are built on...

Sep 1, 2019

In this conversation with Jen Richter, the former marketing director for NASA, we explore the Facebook ecosystem. Jen talks about how her time as NASA's marketing director utilizing paid media has formed her decisions in her own business today. She also talks about how proper research is what fuels your...